October 22, 2008

The Red Christmas Star Quilt is Done (flimsy)

Okay so the top is done, but that's a huge switch from the block I was suffering from as recently as two days ago! The points went so quickly I can't help but wonder why I kept away from it for so long. I did build in a bit of "insurance" into my points, letting a little extra material cling to the long side of the triangles, rather than cutting it down. It worked splendidly. The final dimensions are 102" by 105", of course it still needs quilted, but that shouldn't take much time at all.

A picture? Oh I'd love to show you a picture! But I haven't even been able to see the full of it myself! How is it I can have the top done and not have seen it? Well it's so big I don't have anywhere to lay it out to see it, and even my husband can't hold it up for me to get the full effect. My bed is only a double that's why when you look back at this very quilt when the center was done (at 70") it fit my bed rather well. But now those 16 points are on it... Don't worry I'll figure out a way, somehow. The quilt is lovely, I worried about it a bit since I was changing the colors so much from the pattern ones, taking it from a multi tonal quilt to a two color quilt. It was worth the extra work of ripping out all those points cutting them down and redoing them. A word of warning: "When doubling a pattern, always remember you're also doubling the seam allowance" Does that mean you sew at 1/2"? I don't know I mostly worked around it, and it only bit me on the points, but it's worth mentioning. Here is the Center of the Red Quilt as it looked in August.

I'm still working on the embroidered flowers for the double sided blue Christmas quilt, I may have mentioned that the nineteen I made wasn't enough and the quilt needed nine more. Currently I've done five more, so that's coming along nicely as well.

Would you believe I'm trying to have that nasty bug a second time around? Yep, I'm back to the beginning two days of runny nose and then the cough. The chills earlier had me in the kitchen baking. As long as someone else takes the cookies and the pizza out and serves it, all the germs died in the oven. I'm rather tired so I'm hoping clean up will also fall to someone else. Upkeep on my cleaning has fallen by the wayside, I really need to give the place a good cleaning out. Hopefully this second bout wont be so bad and I can get to that in the next day or so. Okay next couple of days.

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Heather said...

I hope you are feeling better now! Isn't it awful when you're sick and still trying to keep up with the house. It makes me miserable! I hope that you get all of your quilting done by Christmas!