October 07, 2008

Notice anything New?

I've put a little time into the ole' blog. I like the new look.

WOWSER the Bargello is comming along AMAZINGLY, do you agree? It is all done except for the border and a bit of extra quilting I'd like to put on it. I'm going to take the extra "scraps" from the quilt and make a scrappy binding. A tip I picked up from my new book that DH bought for me "A Quilt for Every Season", by Eleanor Burns. What a lovely book.

Today I made pillow case extenders. I added a bit of fabric to my pillow cases to help them stay on the pillows. If they work half as good as they look I'll be adding them to other pillow cases here very soon.

I have done ALL the embroidered blocks for the Blue Christmas quilt, I want to get a bit further along it before I start showing off photos. All that work leaves the butterfly to embroider on the handle, and those rosebud blocks... UGH. I don't know why but I've become impatient making the same thing over and over. Some would call it soothing, and perhaps someday I will too, but for now it's like "that old thing?" I have to do it again?

And of course we're not talking about the red quilt. It remains in the same state it has been for a month. SHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh..... It's on the UFO Challenge list, I'll get 'er done!

We're having quite a rain storm this afternoon. It's been pouring for about 20 minutes. What a lovely breeze it has brough with it.


Heather said...

I like the new blog design. That quilt is amazing! I can't believe you sewed all of those teeny blocks together. Just gorgeous!!!

Jessica's mom said...

:D Bargello Quilts are strip pieced. Which means I sewed a bunch of strips of fabric together, and cut them apart across the strips and sewed it back together into the pattern you see. I never believed it was that easy either until I made one. It's so nice that you think I did all that though.