October 18, 2008


Today I am a frog. I was one last night, and this afternoon too. Where the handsome prince to break the crokie-ness of my voice? My DH? He's not a prince so the kiss didn't work. Mean little sniffle-ing bug. Everyone in my house has it now. It's even settled in Rob's lungs, so please spare him any happy thoughts you might have. He's prone the pneumonia, so it's a constant fear when something like this happens. Since I don't have to talk to blog I can feel free to share my day with all of you.

First things first. The reveal. I made all 12 rosebud blocks, only to discover I really needed 15 or 16, so I'll have to get on that tomorrow. Here is the layout plan. The embroidery at the bottom is white on white and will go all around the quilt. I'm thinking about a blue border between the white of the basket and the natural muslin of the rosebud blocks and then a second between the rosebuds and the embroidery. DH thinks perhaps the center white background should be cut down a bit smaller and that I should add more butterflies. What does everyone else think? I'm personally inclined to agree with him, hopefully now that I've found some more freebie butterflies that wont be a problem. As always you can click on the image to see it better. I encourage this because you can even see the details of the white on white fabric in this photo.

Tonight I'm showing off my daughter as she headed for bed. She is sporting the pj shorts I made for her, aren't they darling? I'm afraid they wont fit her much longer. Why is it she seems to out grow the things I make so quickly? Is it just that I love them more? Oh no her teeth aren't really like that, she just enjoys being silly for the camera. If you click on her you can see those big baby brown eyes! Whoever would have dreamed that my hazel eyed husband and my blued eyed self would have a child, the namesake of a Green eyed woman grow up to have brown eyes?!?! Oh well there's no more denying it now, hazel maybe, blue never, and certainly not green.


Heather said...

She is growing up so very fast! Such a cutie pie. =0) That quilt is beautiful, you may have shared before... but is that your Mom's?

Jessica's mom said...

No this is the second side of the blue quilt for my sister. The red star quilt is for my mom. It's interesting looking at this photo and seeing how much this quilt has grown and changed. I have all but the last of the redwork - color blue border on this one. As soon as I can use the rotary cutter again I'll have this one (flismy) wrapped up and ready to photograph.

I hoping for next year to have all my long term projects off to the side so at any point you can look over and see the progress of which ever quilt you're interested in following. But I clearly don't have that set up yet.