October 17, 2008

What do you see?

Here we have Chains... What do you see? Do you see scraps of fabric strung together or do you see the beauty of the blocks they will become? I was working on the rosebud blocks chaining them all together, when I discovered what a pretty pile I had in my lap.

The pants are done. I washed the stabilizer out and added some sequins, I think in spite of my struggles they turned out nicely. Remember I didn't make the pants. I just fixed them with the new embroidery, the embroidery you see on the front leg is original. Do you see the front pocket detail? I'm very pleased with that, I took out the chain o' sequins, and replaced them with beading. The sequins I then used on the back detail.

As an extra I have included my most recent bib, which is sort of a "reclaim" project. Together with the "backs" of the ones I'd made before.


Heather said...

Those jeans came out really well. I'm sure she'll love them. Any luck selling the bibs? I think they are adorable!

Jessica's mom said...

When I was packing up my box for the baby shower DH told me that since I made the bibs with that friend in mind I needed to just send them to her. So soon she will have heaps of stuff, by far enough to count as two shower gifts, but ah well play it forward right?

Soon Rob is planning on setting up as a FL based business, complete with a tax idea number, ect. and once that happens I'll be selling the Bargello Quilt, baby bibs, and whatever I've made in the meantime.

The only bib I kept was the embroidered butterflies because the lady is having a boy, and there's something about butterflies...