October 11, 2008

My oh my...

I have a minor upper ankle sprain, don't worry it's completely stable. My on the other hand, I seem to respond to "rest and don't push it" by doing everything that needs done. Yesterday I cleaned the main house, and went shopping with mom. Then I came home and worked on my sister's pants. I can not believe how much trouble I'm having dealing with those. ACK! I've drawn three embroidery files and I still don't have one I can use, not to mention all the ones I downloaded that I can't use.

After I gave up on that I worked on the Bargello quilt, It has half the border sewed on and is waiting for the other half. I put Jessica to bed and then picked up all her toys. I killed two huge wolf spiders. ACK! One was within a foot of her sitting on her potty! Being a mom gives you consitition! Grit your teeth and deal, no matter how AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh! You might feel.

This morning I've been up since 7:15, a new Pet Store is opening near us and I felt the need to send Rob out to get one of the free gift cards they offered to the first 50 customers. I've washed, dried and folded laundry, cleaned the addition, cleaned the kitchen, and run the vac around a bit, not really in that order.

I've also sat and enjoyed two episodes of "Sabrina: the Teenage Witch" (I have always liked Melissa Joan Hart) and an oldie of "Step by Step", who remembers that show? Wow, I used to sit and watch it with my mom, I'd even seen that one, but it was early then and Jessica wasn't up yet.

Rob of course is out and about. I do like to not have him around when I clean. He loves to say things like "I said I'd do that for you." Uh hu. All that and it's only 10:30! Okay so life is happening again. TTFN!


Heather said...

OH my about the Wolf spiders. I hate, destest, despise, deplore... (ok you get the picture) spiders. But you are right, being a Mom makes you catch those nasty buggers before they can bite the kids! Ick.

I used to watch Step by Step, and still do sometimes when it reruns. DH watches it with me. Hehe

Jessica's mom said...

Those stupid spiders! I don't know why they like Jessica's room so much, I told Rob perhaps he should put a barrier of Sven Dust on the exterior of her room. I've begun to wonder if it's because of the huge Grapefruit tree outside that shades her room.

DH tells me they only come out at night, but that's worse in my option. They hunt their foot and believe it or not they don't build nests. Strange hu?