October 14, 2008

My first Bargello is Completed!

I was so excited to be showing you my sister's pants repair, I got ahead of myself. The pants should show up for you to see in the next post or two. I want to put some sequins on the butterfly, and I have to rip out all my basting seams. They will hopefully be worth the wait.

THE BARGELLO IS DONE! Truly. Here it is on my double bed.

A photo like that never seems to capture the little details of something scrappy like this so here is a close up.
This is the drape on the bottom corner. This quilt is quite long being 100+" by 84", I think it might end up on the bed sideways so DH and I will have more to fight over.
I wanted to use all the little scraps to make the binding, but all those little pieces kept going this way and that. I'll be using them in the scrap rug I'm planning instead. Mary has a tutorial posted at the Quilting Board on it, I'm just waiting for a pause between projects. Oh my, how I bird walked on that one! So Scrappy Bindings! LOL! I used the extra strips I was planning to use to make matching shams to make the scrappy binding instead, here I have folded the quilt so you can see the scrappy.
Perhaps in that last photo you can see the natural muslin sticking out. This quilt has a traditional Amish backing. That means I used Natural undyed unbleached muslin for the back. A traditional binding would use the extra material on the sides to pull up and around from the back to make the binding. I have used this method one time, I always seem to have a hard time cutting the batting without nicking the back. Perhaps that is because I always use adhesive spray to baste my quilts. I find it is quicker and less likely to bunch or shift when I do.

This quilt was made using a sew as you go technique, which means that when your done sewing the top together you are nearly done with the quilting too, hence it is quilted vertically. I honestly didn't like doing it this way. I think it would have gone faster to sew it normally as a top and then quilt all together.

The border is called Tie Dye Red and it's a snuggle flannel from Joann's. I lusted after it until it went on sale a couple of weeks ago and I snapped up two yards. This quilt ate up least a yard and a half to do the border. Isn't it funny, I never would have dreamed it for this quilt. Or in fact a red border on this quilt at all. As a wise woman once told me "The quilt knows what it wants to be". I take that to heart every time a quilt surprises me.

As always Sew Happy!


Heather said...

It is completely beautiful, and you should be so very proud of yourself! You totally rock!!!!

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