October 13, 2008

Another Day without a Dollar

Have you ever heard of Junket desserts? I have a coupon for 50% off my first order. I know not bad at all. Their prices seem very reasonable. They carry things like custard and ice cream mixes. They also have these things called rennet tablets, which are used in cheese making. Seriously my brain feels like it learned something today, while exploring a use for that coupon. If you too are interested you can visit Junket Desserts. Be sure and drop me a note if you want to place an order and I'll hook you up with a coupon code as well. I'll have to wait to place an order until we feel a bit more flush.

Now... Projectie things. My sister's pants are nearly mended, I had a heck of a time with them, and all I can say is good thing I removed the belt loops and then reattached them because it helps to hide what I had to do to get the butterfly to cover the hole. The pocket hole was much easier. Have I told you yet that I removed the sequins that were falling off the pockets and used smooth round beads and barrel beds stitched on two different ways instead. Personally I think it gives a great touch. Photos when I'm done.

I found a new website for free embroidery patterns. Embroidery Designs Offers your choice of three free patterns per week. They have at least 60 pages of designs to pick and choose from! This week I collected three butterfly patterns from them, and they stitched out beautifully, I will be using them again! I think next week I'll be downloading their Christmas snowflake ornaments!

I'm considering another quilt. I know sometimes my own brain runs away from me! Currently at the Quilting Board they are doing a blue and white star block swap. Where each person makes 12 star blocks all the same and then they get swapped amongst everyone so you get 12 different stars, or you can swap 24 and get 24 different ones back. I've been wanting to do a sampler to help push on my knowledge base, and what better place to start than a couple of stars I've never made. After the block challenge swap I don't think I'm up to swapping again, but perhaps I can make my own from the sidelines. As for the block challenge I made the second log cabin block, which brings me up to 11 done. Leaving just that paper pieced Hunter's Star left.


gwen said...

I hope you will show a picture of the pants, they really sound interesting! Your crochet afgan is beautiful. Crochet is very "in" at the moment from what I see at Ravelry. Maybe you could try to repare it by sewing the squares back together with black wool yarn. That should do the trick.
I wish you all the best. Take care.

Heather said...

I can't wait to see the picture of the pants completed. I bet they look awesome.

You have as many projects going on as I do. LOL