October 08, 2008

What a time of it!

Good Morning Folks! This morning I was awoken by the ringing phone. My favorite sound in the morning not! Just when I was trying so hard to keep my eyes shut tight against the day (in spite of all that Jessica was doing to get me up). And who should it be? Well there's no telling, because the phone in the bedroom is dead. I race to find another phone throwing off the covers and chasing down the hall. Oh crud it's the Sears Repair guy, "HELLO!!?!?!?" Nope he's gone. Drat. I hurry to get dressed and pull a brush through my hair that has gotten annoying long. Then my eyes aloft on the rest of the house. ACK! The kitchen is covered in last night's trial of the New Mexican place down the road.

Bell Peppers make me sick and so I put myself to bed shortly after dinner. Rob's old boss asked him to come back, so he was off to work (overnight, ugh). The toys where a mess, oh it was just awful. So I race to dress Jessica, I race to pick up her toys. Oh no it's 8:30 AM when I call my mother. "Hello? Mom?" More racing to clean the goo off the dishes and hide them in the dishwasher. Race, Race, Race. Kitchen is okay, living room is okay, bedroom - we'll just close the door. Oh but what if he comes in through the front door? ACK! Oh well can't help it now. Off to the bathroom, YUcky, there's poo in the potty. UGH... Dealing... Talking on the phone... The things we do.

It's 9:00AM and I'm off the phone, no husband yet... Check emails... Do I have that book? Ummmmmmmm.... So I head off to Jessica's room. It's nice in there karmic precision has been obtained. Serenity now! Oh it's marvelous. My hair that never made it up is hanging in sweaty strands. Oh there's the book... That's nice, oh there's a bit of a breeze, I can feel it now. I love this room... I'll just sit here until something happens. Of course that was when the Sears guy drove past.

Why did I even need him you ask? Well they over torqued the cover on the water filter at the factory when they put the filter in, best get the part now, while I can still say it arrived that way.

Perhaps I forgot to mention? Sears tried so many times to fix the old fridge they were out 6 times in 3 weeks. After they changed out the compressed things went from bad to awful, and the entire fridge stopped working. Everything in there that hadn't already been lost by the freeze/thaw things that the freezer was doing was completely ruined when everything completely melted mere hours after the repair person left. Somewhere along the line, thank goodness the lemon clause kicked in and I got a completely new fridge. I feel a bit like Vana White. Look at the beautiful new REFRIGERATOR.

Which brings you up to the broken little cover thing at delivery. Hopefully that will be the end of the big bad fridge story. Currently we are all calling the new one the Big Cold Monster, as it it quite a bit bigger than the old one. The length and width measurements were the same, but somewhere someone fibbed, as it's taking up at least an extra inch or two of the hall way. No matter it's so cold I've turned it down twice. The seal on it is so strong you have to use two hands sometimes to get it open! EEEK!

After Rob got home and went to bed I fell twisted my ankle (the good one) on the last step into Jessica's room. It was a book completely hidden under her little rug that caused it. Hopefully it wont effect my luncheon when my mom on Friday.

Quilts? Oh you want to talk about what I did yesterday after the post? Well I told you about dinner. Before dinner I had Trusty Gem out. That's the name I've been auditioning for the 2001 Brother ULT. And I put the prettiest little butterfly near the basket of roses that I hand pieced for that blue quilt. So pretty. I'm going to do another in slightly different colors on the other side. Good thing everything I want to do today has me sitting, hu?

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Heather said...

I'm still saying you have bad fridge karma! I hope this one works forever. LOL You've been through enough trouble.

How is your ankle now? I hope you're okay.