October 02, 2008

Caught ya Cutting!

The Perinatal quilts are boxed up and ready to go. Just between me and the rest of the world I hope I get a thank you note.

Today my husband cut fabric. Yes, it's true, he cut felt for the wooden hobby box he made. It's this amazing blue color. Now if I could just convince him to cut my fabric too! The camera is oddly "missing" so I don't even have a photo to show for it.

I've been kitten sitting a little bit. Mom's new Kitten Lilly has been to see us. Can you believe Jessica is more clingy now that Lilly is here? ACK, honey that's mommy's neck!

Tonight is movie date night. I have a date with my husband to be on the bed with popcorn and a movie. It's called "How to Make An American Quilt" I'll let you know how it goes. The movie the date perhaps not so much.

I had been working like a crazy person, but all I sewed today was one rosebud block and I'm not terribly happy with it, so there. Tomorrow the order I placed from an embroidery store online is suppose to arrive. YIPPIE SKIPPY FOR ME! I ordered 100 needles, I'm so sick of them breaking and leaving me low on needles. Some other stuff too. Lilac thread, because one of the flowers I'm embroidering requires TWO purples and I only have one. More green, you would not believe how much green gets eaten up making embroidery plants. LOL, and some wash out stabilizer, so I can make beautiful ornaments for Christmas to make you drool.

Now here's a bit of philosophy, or some such. Isn't it strange how we all have a certain level of trust? A trust in our abilities to read people, a trust that were we are and what we do is "safe" both on and off the Internet. Sometimes that trust is deserved, and sometimes it's broken, but all the same we continue for the most part to be ourselves? And then once in a while... We meet a blast from the past, and because of our sense of self, of what we trust and what we don't, that we find ourselves completely unable to trust the person from our past? Perhaps it's a case of "you're not the person I knew". I'm not certain. When you figure it out, explain it to me, so we'll both know.


Heather said...

You just amaze me with how many projects you keep going! I hope things are going well with you and that the craziness you referred to in your comment has calmed down!

Jessica's mom said...

Oh come now, you must know it never stops around here. Wasn't it you that once told me my life could have been a soap opera? ;)