October 15, 2008

Bibs Today!

Today I was looking online for some snowflake lace embroidery, (I found some but only ended up making one, as Jessica thought it was the prettiest thing and has already made out with it). It currently can't be found, or else I'd photograph it for you, maybe later.

In my searching I found a website offering a reversiable bib pattern, of course the link didn't work, but I used one of Jessica's and made my own from it.

As you can see I made four. The Elephant says "Me Too!" The Zebra say's "Let's Graze", the Tiger say's "Hear me ROAR!" and the Snake says "Smells Superb". They are flannel and dual sided. Sorry I didn't get the backs in the photo, it's a brownish background with crazy jungle animals on the back side. No embroidery there. As always if you can't see them very well you can click on them to see them bigger.

The sewing machine was a true dream not giving me any trouble as it sailed through. Jessica and I are well on our way to being sick. We're snuffy, and I feel it trying to move to my throat. Poor Jessica has a funny voice and a fever. It's a bit hard to understand her, and you just want to say "oh darlin'!" Don't worry about us we'll be better soon. Take care.


Heather said...

I think they are adorable! You could try to sell them on Etsy.com if you were looking into selling them. I'm sorry you guys are getting sick! Feel better soon.

Jessica's mom said...

Would you believe I'd never heard of them? I suppose I assumed other's were having a fit when typing that other e-store... Opps! I'll look into it, and should I start selling things anywhere online, my blog readers will be the first to hear about it.