August 15, 2008

The 16 Point Red Star Quilt Sneak Peak!

So today I SMACKED right into the window of my own limits. Seriously. I doubled the Wintergraphix pattern, and in retrospect that was a huge no no. I had never made the pattern before so I didn't know anything past the stars I've made in the past.

Here's what happened. Doubling the pattern, doubled the seam allowances on everything. This star has so many seams it has put me "out" by nearly three inches. So now while my brain screams "HELP" I know the real answers. Answer one seam rip all the points I've already made (8 of them as I have done half of my 16 point star) and make them smaller, or go with the over sized and let the points run into each other that 3 inches at the upper intersections thereby allowing the outer most points to be free and perfect. The latter has the most appeal to me as it is the "simplest" fix, and because I know doing this will help blend away a few places where this same problem manifested itself. From the photo seen here the quilt will grow from it's current 70" square 34" as I add a row of blocks also known as the "points" all the way around.

My daughter loves to tinker with my sewing machine. I keep an eagle eye on her the entire time, she is just so cute to watch, as she does everything with the thread I do. Or at least I'd like to think I look that cute sewing! ;)

This morning Jessica was roaming the house in her daddy's boots. This is not something he relishes, but something I felt needed to be photographed so in years to come we can all talk about how cute she was.

I took this last photo out of the sheer silliness of it, I bet you have never seen anything quite like this. The cat in the bird bath is Bobby the neighbor's little boy, my guess is it never occurred to the man to leave water out, but I could be wrong, I try not to go snooping on other people's porches. The standing cat is an extremely shy little boy, a half brother of my dearly beloved Sunny. I had just been thinking we haven't seen many birds using the bird bath! I suppose it's time to wash it out.

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Heather said...

Thinking of you and your family and wishing you safety while that storm comes in! I hope everything is ok.

I'm sorry about the issue with Sunny's whiskers. That poor little dude has so much going on. You are great for all you do with him.

The oak dresser looks fabulous, I love the photo of Sunny on the top. Sorry I haven't gotten to your email. Things are insane here as usual. Not ignoring you though.

The quilt is amazing. You are so very talented. I'm sure she LOVES it.

The red quilt is pretty too. I'm sorry you're having to redo parts of it.