August 11, 2008

Gift from Heaven Heart Quilt Completely Done!

No one was ready for me to take the photo, but I think it is still worth showing off. This is Jessica's baby clothes "Gift from Heaven Heart Quilt". It is completely done. The hearts are embroidered through all the layers with a little wip stitch to keep all the threads together, so the hearts are just as beautiful on the back as you see on the front. The binding is a curvey scallop that is the same red as the embroidered hearts. I have hand quilted hearts with neutral thread, so it blends right in to the sashing and border. Each block is machine quilted stitch in the ditch allowing me to show the hearts and stars onto the back as well. Jessica couldn't stand it and wanted to be in the photos to, hey who is to stop her, it's her quilt after all. Once I get the batting I will begin working on the second one for me, but it will not have the curvey scallops on the edges. It really ate into the size of the quilt. Nice for a child, but not great for a grownup. Keep in mind while you look at this I made this quilt to be a square with no set "top" so it will wear evenly on all sides (in theory), as each little heart points to the nearest edge I'm sure she will eventually perfer to sleep by the "pink side" or the side with the ladybug. I hope you like it.

Now isn't this pretty? This is where the old particle board built in dresser was, this is the OAK one the DH built in it's place. It took him nearly a week, which I think was completely worth it as his dresser will no longer be falling apart and have to be fixed all the time. Oh and of course a peek at my sleeping Sunny Boy. I'm not sure if we're going to put drawer pulls on it yet, we'll have to wait and see as DH uses it as it's "his" dresser.

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