August 07, 2008

Jessica's Gift of the Heart Baby Clothes Quilt is DONE!

Today was a good day. It doesn't matter than things completely didn't go my way, or that I had my butt chewed until my foot hurt and then some. It was a good day.

Why? Today shortly before lunch I FINISHED Jessica's heart baby clothes quilt. Binding and everything. I even did a spin on a scalloped edge. Just wait till tomorrow when you'll get to see it. The things I did to it since I last showed you a picture really have pulled it all together.

I also finished cutting all the red fabric for my red Christmas quilt. I still have the white roses left to cut, but the cut list for that is as long as my arm and I don't want to be to sleepy and miss cut by a 1/4" or something stupid and then have to buy more yardage.

One of the pieces I had to cut forty squares of the same fabric. I'm telling you when I set it down after cutting it, the fabric went "thunk".

Have I mentioned I'm waiting to be able to afford batting? Here's how it breaks down. The kind I want to use for the two Christmas quilts, and the second heart baby clothes quilt runs $10 a yard. Now the red quilt is a large queen nearly a king, which means I need 3 yards. The other two are full/queens which means I need 2.5 yards for each one. That's 8 yards, now easy math $80 +tax = $85.60 for batting alone. Now that's the white stuff in the MIDDLE of the quilt. Not even pretty stuff. So since I bought the batting for Jessica's quilt on sale 50% off (and the twin size one I used cheap poly batting I didn't like). Now I'm spoiled and I want to wait for it to be half off again. I have a 40% off coupon which would make the out the door total $51.36 and inspite that being the batting for THREE quilts, that is a hugh number at my house. So I'm wishing and hoping that it will be half off again by the time I'm done piecing the red quilt.

Gee that was long winded, why don't I wrap it up, and tomorrow you can see pictures.

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Heather said...

I hope it goes on sale soon! Today was the kid's first day back at school, and Brandon is taking a nap. I scored some super-cool scrapbook loot at Big Lots this morning.

I hope your batting goes on sale soon. Jeez that's expensive! I'll get back to your email later. Jojo has an appointment to get her braces adjusted, so I have to pick her up early frm school!