August 04, 2008

A Beautiful Face and other pretty things

First things first, a nice big Welcome Back from my daughter. She wanted me to take her picture when I had the camera out, so how could I refuse. She's in her swimsuit because she found it in her drawer and spent the next two days insisting that be all she wear. I've now banished both suits to the laundry pile. So much for hiding it in her sock drawer.

Next up for business is the wall hanging I made for my husband for our anniversary yesterday, I told you all about it in the last post. It turned out pretty well. It was right at the limit of what I know how to do. If you look closely you can even see the ribbon embroidery butterflies I made. I bent the needle getting it through the fabric, but I still made all three butterflies one for each member of our family.

This is my Blue Christmas quilt top. Isn't it pretty? Nothing about it is "Christmas except for the fact that it will be a gift given that day. The piecing went together so easily in part I'm sure to the rather large pieces, but I was going for simple and sophisticated.

My sister called last night and we talked until the wee of the morning about our trip to Orlando, seems she is looking forward to getting away and has given me the go ahead to make as many reservations for seating as I would like. Not sure if that means I make the reservations and I pay, or just what. We're feeling the money pinch again, of course. Nothing like a nice getaway to sooth the soal.

I am also including some photos of my husband's art work. It's the trace transfer method, and I think they look great. These are the ones already on fabric awaiting the day I'll make the autograph quilt.


gwen said...

I am amazed at how fast you are making progress! The blue quilt top is very, very nice and well sewn. The anniversary tree quilt is a very original present full of love.
I quilt with a domestic Bernina sewing machine and I can only tell you that trying, trying and trying again is the key to it.
Go and have a look at youtube. They have a lot of helpful videos on machine quilting.
Take care.

Heather said...

She is sooo cute! The tree is very unique. So beautiful. And your blue quilt is so sophisticated. Great job girlie!!!

Heather said...
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