August 23, 2008

Hello Dears,

I have so many things to share today.

I went shopping yesterday, and spent way to much. Don't you hate that? I went out for toilet paper, rubbing alcohol, and laundry soap. Silly Target, have you seen the new Archer Farms products they are selling at the Super Targets? These are the cutest little bottles and jars. They even have a bulk candy isle, it's gourmet meets down home, homemade stuff. I picked up their basil and creamy pesto, which was okay, certainly not all the jar implied it might be, and I am waiting to try the lovely spinach and artichoke dip I bought as well.

I also went to Joann's because their polka dot fabrics were on sale 1.99 a yard! I picked up these lovely beauties. I also got 4 yards of white on white for a fat quarter swap I'm joining in on, but no photos of those for you, because there is no way it will show up in the photos. Somehow I've committed fixing my sister's denim butterfly jeans so I also bought all those applique bits and pieces that you see above.
The lady who made the labels for Jessica's heart quilts thought of me when she found a box of little girl fabric in a garage sale, so she mailed it all to me. In amidst the fabric I found these little pieces. It screamed "I'm a little girl's dress!" so I just had to try and put it together after all these years. I've been chatting it over with the ladies at the quilting board and we think it is about 40 years old. So far I have the collar of the dress done and it's waiting for me to wrap up the super puffy sleeves. I found the fabric very hard to gather (I tried four times in the sewing machine having to rip it out each time). So I'm hand stitching it to pull up the gathers. Not the most joyous job, but hopefully it will be something nice I can set aside as my hard work and hey no pattern, what you see above is all I had to work with.

So my loving husband brought home some ribbon for me to trim the bottom of the sleeves out with, he brought me pink and white. The pink doesn't match so well, so I just had to be inspired and started working on some pj's for me. My inspiration is the new movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 that my sister and I went to see day before yesterday. In it Alexis Bledel wears a lovely white night dress. While mine will not be the same I have gone to great lengths to add the decorative stitches. I doubt you can tell from this photo (that makes them look like pot holders instead of the bodice) but I sewed it a little wrong and have been seam ripping a bit while I've been working.

DD loves playing with my sewing machine, so we've sort of been looking for a kiddie machine, my husband suggested until she's bigger it would be best to let her run one without the needle, I thought the idea was brilliant, so ever since the night I looked up little kids sewing machines, I've sort of been shopping for a new one for me. After when my little Elna needs maintenance it will be the end of her. With the aluminum casting bent there is no way to open it, or so we figure. I'm certain time will tell.

That's all I have to share at the moment, how about you?


Heather said...

I started the dress I told you about today. I've got the pattern all cut out. Tomorrow I'll be ironing the fabric and the pattern, and the day after pinning it. I can't do to much at once because the kids get fussy. I am sure I'll have half a billion questions. What is facing by the way?

I think the little dress is looking great! I can't believe you're sewing your own nightgown. I can't wait to see a photo of the finished product.

Jessica's mom said...

Interfacing is a second material used inside the dress. It does two things one it makes the fabric less "see through" as needed in the case of this dress fabric, it also makes the inside nice and smooth for a baby's soft skin. As you can see the neckline is very high up on the neck and it might scratched if not lined.

You just follow your pattern and I'm sure you'll be fine. :D

The pj's hit a little hiccup okay it was a fart, and I set them aside hopefully I can figure out the problem and fix it tomorrow.