August 02, 2008

We Might be Headed to Disney World

Thank goodness that doesn't say We might be beheaded! LOL, perhaps dreaming of Disney isn't the best dream with no outside income, oh well all the same, I found an amazing rate for the Double Tree Castle Hotel that my sister and I liked so much last time we went. For Labor Day Weekend of all things. And of course that works out to be my birthday weekend. Hey I'm not going to hide under the covers about my birthday! Seriously it's something to be proud of. I didn't make it to a month before my 28th birthday by skating through life. It's worth every hard moment, and each moment deserves to be recognized. So my sister might take me. She told me not to start planning out priority seating's yet, but I was thinking maybe just the two I'd like for September first might not be so bad... I can always cancel, or not. I'm sure getting right in somewhere on Labor Day would be a great gift to an unknown someone.

So I was thinking late Breakfast at 1900 Park Fare, and Dinner at my all time favorite restaurant in all of Walt Disney World House of Blues. Seriously I thought about it, and that's my favorite. I have wanted to visit 1900 Park Fare for years now, but have never made it. Sounds nice hu?

In order to keep costs down my sister and I are thinking we'll be doing lots of window shopping Downtown Disney. Key word here being SHOPPING, that does not equal buying no matter what everyone else things. I'm great at remembering what I like for a long period of time, and hey if I forgot I liked it, I guess I didn't like it very much in the first place. No trips into the parks this trip, just castle and shopping. :D Serve me up on a platter of happiness.

As a bit of a side, I'm hoping to do some autograph collecting for my autograph quilt. I have the following Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, Goofy, Belle, Jasmine, Aurora, Cinderella, and Alice. The one I feel I'm missing is Daisy Duck. Any other's come out at you? Eleven isn't the best number to make quilt blocks with, but whatever I have I'll use. I'd personally love to have Mary Poppins, and Dick Van Dyke, yes, yes I know dreams... But at least Mary Poppins and her Chimney Sweep friend could be had at 1900 Park Fare. I thought I was missing bunches and bunches, but really I don't have to have everyone that Disney ever created, and I can always make another quilt if I get more.

So tomorrow is my anniversary, I know, who knew with all that goings on about Disney. Five years it's been. I can't help but shake my head at little sometimes I feel like I just walked down the isle. Or that I was JUST pregnant. Right, sure. So the traditional anniversary for five years (HALF A DECADE!) is wood, what can you do with that? I'm hoping DH will build me an entertainment center for the bedroom our of wood. That sure wood be nice wouldn't it. I'm sure I'll get a more typical husband wood gift. uh, hu, you guessed it. No that's mean, he's currently in the bedroom working very hard on whatever it is.

My gift to him I've spent the past week working on. It's an applique wall hanging with a giant tree in the center on one side is hand embroidered "Like a Tree" and on the other "Our Love Grows each and everyday", and then I signed it. I even put some ribbon embroidery butterflies on it. Don't worry tomorrow's post should have the photos. I echo quilted the heck out of it, so the tree sort of expands outward. I think it looks very nice. Rather like ripples of life, and growing. A photo tom morrow I promise. My husband made a comment while I was working that it didn't have wood in it, so I went outside earlier this evening (in the dark all the same mind you) and ripped branches off my Maple tree until I had two that were long enough, those I ran through the wall hanging one at the top and one at the bottom to hang it from, someday I might redo the binding but for now I made my deadline (and it even has wood on it). Clearly since I'm here blogging to you.

The Blue Christmas Quilt (I showed you the fabrics) is coming along AMAZINGLY. I don't know why but I am constantly amazed by the art I've been making. Yes I see my flaws, but most of the time it really comes together. It's going together so fast I feel like I'm cheating, as if I could do that from a pattern DH and I DESIGNED ourselves, and fabric I hand picked. ;) It is currently more than half done, and I am glad to have finished the wall hanging so I can get back to it.

So I have a pain in my ear. No joke, let's see, SEVEN years ago this September (the anniversary of the beginning of my relationship with DH) I had a second hole put in my left ear. He bought a diamond for it, and I've worn it pretty much ever since. I don't really remember what event exactly it was that I felt I shouldn't wear it, but I took it out a while ago and the stupid thing has started to close on me. UGH! I'm the woman who has never had trouble with a piercing ever. My ears were done when I was 6 WEEKS OLD, and never a speck of trouble. Now here I am after seven years and I'm enduring the sting of having an earring back in it, yuck.

And on that note I'm off to see what the rest of the blogging world has done today, nice night everyone.


Rob said...

Ariel and Snow White

Heather said...

I have... the following autographs... let me know if you need them scanned and sent to you.

Ariel, Mickey, Chip, Pluto, Piglet, Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore (it's says I love you with a raincloud and a bow on the y. SO CUTE!) Minnie, Dale, Jojo, and Goliath.

I hope you get to go. We are talking about a trip not this November, but next.

Heather said...

You can download your scanned Disney Autographs here. I uploaded them to a file sharing site since they were too big for email. I went ahead and got them done today for you.