March 29, 2009

A Quilt for Baby

The Dino Quilt is done. Hooray. I'm so glad. The woman hours I've put into it blows my mind. It doesn't seem like much but shoot! Other bloggers have been keeping track of "stash" fabrics used versus "new" fabrics purchased. Here's one that will blow your mind: I haven't bought ANY fabric since before Christmas. I know tell me about it, withdrawal anyone?

As for an actual accounting of the fabrics. The entire dino side is scrap bag fabrics. The back is made from DD's baby clothes, cut up and used this time last year for the baby clothes quilts (current count ~ 4 double sided pillows, 1 wall hanging, 2 double size quilts, one twin size quilt, and two baby blankets, and a prairie point binding on a king size quilt all from those aforementioned precut baby clothes). The only "added in" fabric is the red white and blue border all gained from my stash. Both the blue and the red were purchased with a plan in mind and I used what was "leftover" from those projects for the border. The white was purchased last summer simply because it was polka dots (on sale for $2 a yard!) and dd loves polka dots.

I always save the batting that you cut off to "true up" the quilt after it's quilted. Sometimes I have a bunch leftover sometimes not so much. All of the batting from this quilt was from my "salvaged batting" pile. For anyone wondering: if you'd like to use your own salvaged batting simply zigzag stitch the pieces together sewing either just on top of the two edges or abutting them. I've done it both ways and you can't tell any difference. While I wouldn't use salvaged batting for a wedding quilt it's just fine for a little quilt like this.

So my total out of pocket for my good deed was merely time.

In the second photo you can see Jessica. She is doing this new rather annoying thing. She will smile big and bright and then right when she knows you're taking the photo she will turn it into a "closed" smile. It must be something she picked up from her father...


Shelly said...

That turned out just beautiful. What a lucky baby that gets it! I'd like to know how you can go so long without buying fabric? Can you rub some of that on me?

Heather said...

That quilt is gorgeous and congrats on using up so much of your stash! I should do that with my scrappy stuff. LOL