March 15, 2009

And Then there were 15!

At least 12 hours ago I sat down to work on the little dinos for the front of the baby quilt. My pea brain tells me scattered embroidery with charms between... Size uh hu, yep, need 15 Dinos. Sounds great it's going to look awesome.

After I finish stitching out the first two or three dinos it hits me. Even at only 15 minutes a dino, I'm going to be here for HOURS! I explain it all to DH and what does he do? He tells me how great it will be when it's done, how appreciated it will be, how special. Awww geee, he must know my buttons. Before I go any further I need to explaining... That 15 minutes to embroider something? That's the time it will take the sewing machine to embroider the dino but no matter what my stop time i.e thread changes, broken needles, ect isn't included.

About the time I'm halfway in I'm figuring this little quilt will have about $100 worth of embroidery on it. Right, and no one will ever know. I hope they love it. Personally I love the little green guy on the bottom left with the big red heart. A little guy for everyone. The pastels I found nice and sweet also.

My supply of embroidery thread is getting lower and lower... I even RAN plumb out of red. That's okay though. I figure my next order of thread will have about 20+ spools in it. Good thing where I buy Madeira thread has great rates!

Tonight at bed time Jessica asked me if I would stay awake. She always asks this and I always answer the best I can, because even moms have to sleep sometime. "Honey I'm going to sew a bit more on the sewing machine and then I'm going to bed to watch TV. For reasons only known to a 3 year old she thought that was funny. Nearly laughing me out of her room funny. But after sitting at my machine all day... Granted something I enjoy... I feel the need to veg, "be still like vegetables, lay like broccoli."


Shelly said...

Yes, it will definately be worth it! Those dinos are just the cutest things!!!

Heather said...

These are just too cute! It is a lot of work, but I agree with Rob that it is so worth it! What a beautiful little quilt!