March 25, 2009

All in a Hurry

Do you recall those friendship bracelets of the 80's and 90's? Well it seems my fingers still know how to make them. I was surprised at how fast this little bit came out.
It's all part of the Small Quilt Group Row Robin I pitched in to help out with, as the hostess sometimes things happen. This quilt's theme is building a snowman. Through the window you watch the snowman be put together and the house become decorated. You can of course click on the photo to see it closer. Then the person inside makes hot coco for everyone and takes it outside to help with the snowman. This will be added to the first row when it gets here and then out the door and off to Beth.
This is the latest quilt block in my Spring 2009 Sampler. This block is Bountiful Blessings and can be found for free at Quilter's Cache. It does take a while to make all the applique circles. It is quite a heavy block that I would in fact recommend as a stubble weighted special needs quilt. Because of the layered circles it gets quite heavy. Don't forget no matter how you make a special needs quilt use craft beads from Walmart instead of rice because the rice isn't very washable.

The fires are still burning. Fire trucks both in the wee hours of this morning and again throughout the day. It did rain a day or two ago but it wasn't enough to help much. DH found two preteen girls right up in the smoke. Seems they thought it was steam. Fires are so dangerous it's good he came up when they did because the roots underground that were burning could have given way beneath their feet at any moment not to mention smoke inhalation poisoning.


Heather said...

I love the applique circles! I think the quilts are lovely. That is so scary about Rob finding those two girls down by the fires.

Shelly said...

Have you done any couching on quilts? I think you might really like it. Who knew those friendship bracelet skills would come in handy later in life too?