March 05, 2009


Hello there! After days of feeling like I can't do anything right, I find myself wondering how all of you are doing. There has been a spin off of unforunate events blogger style, but I'm not going there. To hopefully end the desire to beat my head against the wall I've been thinking spring. DH is buying me two baby Orchids. You can see the parent plant info here --> and here -->

I have been so wrapped up in this I have learned the reasons behind every orchid death that has come to my hands. Sad I know. My Papa always used to raise them for my Grandma, and they were so beautiful. I feel closer to her when I have Orchids near. (And trust me after my unsteady stressful hand I need someone to steady me!) Amazingly one plant still exists from those good old days, a seed that blew into the tree and found a root hold there if you can believe. I have no idea what kind it is yet, but I have high hopes of collecting seed, and participating in Meyer's Conservatory flask program, so that I too may have some of this little bit of family history in my home as well. In case you didn't follow the links to the parent plants I posted above, let me pause for a moment and say that Meyer's Conservatory is a wonderful place. Troy ready to help with a whisper of a notice. My little Orchids will ship out Monday and will arrive within a couple of days after that. IT is such a great think that Troy and his company are doing, keeping costs (extremely) low to propagate what we have, in hopes that less plants will be ripped from their wild homes. Perhaps someday we'll be able to give back what other's before us have taken as well...

DH installed most of my curtains already, wasn't that great of him. It's going to take come getting used to, but I am very glad I used Muslin, this allows some light through, so when you're only lifting pack a little bit to put a cup or a dish away, the light shining through the fabric is perfect. Of course because I made the curtain style it is very easy to simply open them.

You your pets play peak-a-boo with you? This is a photo I took of Tiny peaking around the table. She sits on top of the CPU when she wants to hide and or pick up a little extra heat. Now don't start about PC's on the ground. I already know.

Don't forget you can always click on the image to see it bigger.

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