March 14, 2009

Momma-made and Jessica Helped

This is the back of a baby blanket I started for my neighbor's great niece. She is expecting a little boy in July. Perhaps it's the July due date that has me taking the time to make something. I don't know it just feels right. Like I just said this is to be the back of the quilt. On the front I'll be using the dinos you see at the top together with some cartoon style dino embroidery. I hope it will be really nice. When Jessica was little her pediatrician would always compliment me on Jessica's blankets so hopefully that bit of sweetness will be passed on as well. Yes these are charms leftover from Jessica's baby clothes quilts. This makes quilt number five made from her baby clothes. Who knew I had cut so much? My "boyish" fabrics are running thin so hopefully I'll have a slew of baby girls to make quilts for. hahaha This is the Angel food cake that nearly wasn't. I always make homemade Angel Food Cake. The yolks are saved for homemade ice cream, and the whites go to the cake. This is the only cake my daughter will eat, so I suppose it's nice that she chows through it. Excuse me I seem to be doing a bit of bird walking today.

Why this cake almost wasn't. After separating more than 8 of the required dozen eggs I broke a yolk into my whites! Eeegads. Luckily DH fished it out for me...
Then I mixed ALL of the sugar into the flour, instead of holding some back to mix in the whites (I dealt with that by beating the whites into hard shiny peaks instead of soft peaks)
Just as I was measuring out the cream of tartar I discovered I only had 1/2 tsp. but my recipe calls for 1 1/2 tsp! (I handled that one with a bit of help from the Internet - it seems you can substitute lemon juice for the cream of tartar!) So I used what I had and used lemon juice for the rest (use three times the amount of lemon juice in place what your recipe called for)
At this point I'm certain my cake will fall. I don't know what that looks like I've never had a cake fall before but I dread it.
Lastly I discover that the tube pan has been put up and away for so long that it's dusty and now I have to quick wash and dry it before the eggs are whipped. I'm drying it as the preheated signal on the oven goes off. Thrilled I'm done and it's up to fate now I rush to put the cake in the oven. Except my oven racks are all wrong and I have to move them while they are hot. I hate that. I'm always afraid I will burn myself. We have strict rules about no children within a crazy huge radius when the oven is open but still...

As you can see it did not fall. Lucky me. I'm beginning to wonder if it's not really me... Maybe I just have a great recipe?

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Heather said...

Your angel food cake looks great despite all of the difficulty getting it made. Ah now I see who you are making the quilt for... I am sure the Mom will LOVE it. How sweet of you!