March 11, 2009

March Row Done

Such a wonderful day to get things done. Today I wrapped up my March assignment for the row robin. On each side I have embroidered line work of snow covered towns in golden thread. On each side of the center I have a north pole this way sign, and in the very center is Santa's Village complete with Mrs. Claus placing a scarf on a snowman. Most all of these patterns came from Sew Teri-fic, and I just love it. Mrs. Claus has beautiful patterning within the thread on her skirt. It's so pretty I found myself wishing I could be Mrs. Clause, lol if only for the dress! This is the detail shot of the center before I sewed it on. The theme for this row is Christmas with Santa - Scrappy Style. I just loved working with the applique embroidery, what fun to dig in my scrap bag, and for these little houses any little piece would work! FYI the line work town came from Embroidery Designs. But it's a big design and filled my 6"X10" hoop completely. This row took 11 hoopings of embroidery and I think the finished product makes it well worth it.

My new baby Orchids arrived today and have been escorted outside in a temporary arrangement until DH is feeling better. Seems he caught some sort of nasty stomach bug.

Cherish those you love. I am currently reading "Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul", which my neighbor gave me by way of her cousin. The little story I am holding with me today has the following line, "but that can't be why, I'm adopted." and the momma says "I always forget". Isn't that wonderful? May your day be filled with Sunshine and Happiness.


Shelly said...

Oh that is just the cutest!! I just love Mrs. Claus too!

Heather said...

You know what dude? You really do forget.

Beautiful work on the quilt Liz!

gwen said...

You can be proud of that third row. It is very nice and I am sure the recipient will like it.
I could not stop laughing when I read you post on the recycled cotton yarn. I just took a old jumper of mine apart because it had holes at the elbows and I plan to dye the wool too! I think it is a great way to get yarn without spending too much.
Take care.