March 01, 2009

Projects? What projects? Aren't they all done?

I made great progress yesterday on all of my sewing projects. At least the ones on the forefront of my mind that I can recall. I started off by finishing the kitchen cabinet curtains. I hemmed them and everything. Hopefully DH will be able to install them next week.

Then I moved on to the wheelchair bag. My oh my, that is one hard project. First you have to find a way for force the canvas into having all protected edges because the stuff really likes to fray, and then you have to begin assembly. Don't go to fast or else you will find that this piece should have been attached before that was. Luckily this time I didn't have any such trouble. DH was certain it would require hand sewing, but I figured out a way so everything is machine sewed. The final bag has to large openings. One extra large opening complete with gussets! (my very first ones!) as well as a medium exterior pocket just right for DD's cup or other such thing. All that is left is to install the special system I dreamed up for securing shopping bags, but that will take a trip to the hardware store. But it is very nearly ready to install. I will post photos after it is installed.

Oddly my house is also clean (okay you caught me - nearly clean) and I have a load of laundry in the dryer. Yippie! This should be a nice quiet Sunday.


Heather said...

Girl you always have a project going. You sound like me... I keep a running list of things I'd like to do. I just need more hours of the day to do them in!

Shelly said...

"Project List" is synonomous with "never ending"!