March 27, 2009

Another One is Gone

Here is the top that I've been working on. It's for one of my small group Row Robins and all the rows are mine except for the one at the very top, that one is Barb's. The entire time I worked on it I kept having this story unfold so I wrote it to go along with the top.

The Snowman Story

I heard them before I even opened my eyes.

"It's snowing!" they exclaimed.

Quickly followed by "Shhh, don't wake her" from the oldest.

I opened one eye to peak at the clock. "Ugh" so early. I pulled my quilt up a little higher to ward of the chill. I listened to the children grabbing a bit of breakfast before running to gather what they would need to make a snowman.

A soft knock at the door jolted me form my sleepy eavesdropping, "We're headed outside to play in the snow." can a whisper.

"Okay" I murmured. As soon as I knew they were outside I threw off the covers and sprang out of bed. So much to do and a quiet house to do it in.

Starting with the fire I built it up and then proceeded with the decorating. Cheerfully I went about the house watching the snowman grow through the window.

With the last finishing touches I nearly ran to the kitchen surprising myself with my own excitement. Hot coco all around. When it was ready I gathered up the mugs and went outside to help.


Heather said...

You are doing a lovely job on these and I loved the story to go along with it!

Shelly said...

Feel free to make a duplicate and send it to me. I just love snowmen. :-)

Elizabeth said...

Until Shelly's note I'd never even heard of couching, that would have been a great technique, perfect for the windows. I did those with piping but I really didn't like how much the entire process fought me. Couching would have been way better! :D At least I learned something new for next time.