March 28, 2009


It bothers me somewhere down inside that white and I are not friends. I love white. White on white fabrics make me drool. I love the embroider on them. I have made two STUNNING quilts with white. One was even simple red and white. Yet I myself can't have white.

A couple months back I found an amazing deal on a white organic tank top ($5!) it was nice for a bit of "dress up" or "dress down" and looked great with... You get the picture. But heck if I could keep the thing clean. My DH is the master of all stains. They all stop and yield to his will. Of course he has to know about the stain to will it out. In spite of all that after only a couple of wearings my beautiful "nice" white tank was spotted. Well heck if I was going to let it go the way of every other white t-shirt I have owned.

So today at the grocery store I bought some rit dye. I can't believe it was $2 and change but hey it is what it is (I could swear you can get fabric dye from Joann's for a buck!) I'm a driven person. Mood inspires me. New things move me. So I couldn't resist (after the groceries were put away and my DH had gone to work) digging right in to my little dye project.

Now let me stop right here and say when they tell you to use gloves bite the bullet and use gloves. It has taken me all evening to get the dye area limited to my fingernails. (yuck). I did the sink method in a big stainless stock pot mostly because I didn't want anything stained forever, except the shirt ~ of course. This process takes a whole lot of standing. I'd like to think it's the last time I will do it when I don't have help, but almost for certain I will encounter something that will lead me astray.

I just love how the rhinestones didn't take the dye. The package said anything plastic would take the dye (that's why I didn't bother trying it in my front loader - not to mention the automatic size sensor wouldn't allow enough water in to completely cover the material per the directions). The rhinestones being plastic surely should have take the dye but you can clearly see they didn't.

I'm glad to have my "nice" shirt back. Even if it isn't white.


Shelly said...

What a great idea! I don't have many white things either, because they don't stay white for long. I will have to try this out. I've been wanting to dye some muslin for some quilts, maybe I'll just throw in a shirt too. :-)

Elizabeth said...

Best of luck with your dye projects. Just make sure they are clean because stains can pick up the dye differently. Who knew right?

Oh and the other tip I have is to make sure that you keep the material completely in the dye stirring constantly to keep the dye moving (different kinds of dye might work differently so yield to the directions) :D

Heather said...

Yeah white and I don't mix either. That's a really cool idea to fix it and what a pretty color!!!