February 05, 2009

Scooba Doctor

I am an original owner of the 1st ever Roomba, how's that for bragging rights? It always did an okay job, and when Jessica was little she loved to sit in her baby swing and watch it go round and round. Well a vac for entertainment will soon loose charge and it wasn't to long after that that the original Roomba became robot trash, sad I know. But I never begrudged it. I always felt like it had worked hard and deserved to retire.

Then came the Scooba. Oh boy oh boy oh boy... And those are not good boys! The directions say you don't have to sweep first, but trust me you do. It would make me crazy watching it blow the dust bunnies around. Before to long the Scooba ate it's first battery. We called irobot and they told me the directions on the battery were wrong and I needed a new battery. They sent me a new one. Well the new one never worked like the old one, so I called them again. This time the man told me to keep my battery in the freezer when not in use and that perhaps it would be best to charge it before using it. Well trust me I do not know ahead of time that at 3 pm I'll want to wash the floor. I was not a happy camper, but I did it anyhow. Well of course this one started to go bad as well, that made me really mad, because even in the freezer of all crazy things to keep a battery that powers a floor cleaning device.... etc. you get the picture.
Well "footmarks" (barefoot prints) on the wood floor make me a little crazy. So as of late, DH and I have talked about buying a new battery for it. So I set about seeing what I could see... It would appear that the new battery will run about $95, this one is a different type of battery and should not give me the fits the old ones did. Meanwhile, Scooba has sat all this time and I could really use another pair of wheels on hand, those run about $12. To stall off that $100+ bill, I cleaned the Scooba all up today, and DH set it to charge. Tomorrow we will put it to work and see how it does, but in the mean time it's parts are spread all over my counter.

No quilting today, but I have started work on my pin cushion i.e. fancy pin display. I embroidered a meerkat on it, and it says "All Pups Great and Small" a play on the word "pins" of course, the meerkat even looks a little pregnant, so isn't that special?


Elizabeth A. said...

Awful mean machine! I hate when I'm right about being mad... This thing charged for 16 hours and then threw at least 4 fits for my husband before doing half the job. (groan) So much for the easy way.

Heather said...

I've always wanted one of those, but everyone who has them complains!