February 22, 2009

Tea for three

I made plenty of progress on my curtains today. I find myself surprised that I completed six of the seven needed. No hem for now, I wont do that until I know where they will hang and how they will hit. Putting them together was a bit of a pain in the beginning, but once I got the routine down they went just like clock work. I'm planning a seasonal center for the long wall, so I have a bit of embroidery still to do.

Each panel is between 15" and 20" depending on the size required. Even the cats pitched in to help Tiny from a box at my elbow and Sunny from the corner, by the end I was draping the curtain over him just to run the last two seams through.

Jessica was running a low grade fever this afternoon, hopefully she will have a good night's sleep and feel better in the morning. Last night I twisted my knee seemingly doing absolutely nothing and after a day of dealing with it now its popping. It would seem everyone here could use a good night's rest. Wishing you all the same.