February 08, 2009

He cooks and bakes too!

For years now my husband has bemoaned that he can cook but he can't bake. Well I'm here to tell you that I have slowly been bringing him "around to momma's way of thinkin'" as just yesterday he made this - oh so yummy cinnamon rolls.

I've been in cohorts with Mary Jane's Row for the Row Robin. That is one quietly speaking quilt! And the things it has told me to do!!! All the same it's blocks are completed, and after putting sewing it all together I will of course post a photo. I believe after I wrap that up, I will work some more on my Carpenter's Wheel Charity Quilt.

This morning I went online flannel shopping, you see it's been so cold we have had one comforter and one quilt on the bed together. Considering the combination you can only imagine... They do not like being on the bed together at all. If the quilt doesn't give up the ghost and slide down off the top, the comforter will creep out one side and way. So I've been talking to my DH about making a quilt for "our" bed, such a crazy concept I know, but this would be a special flannel quilt that would resist falling off, because after all what else is flannel for. So I played around at one very nice website only to discover a 9 flannel bargello would run $45+/- for the top. ACK! If only I had a bigger fabric budget, because that is in no way "expensive". So then I started trying to find less expensive flannels from there. That is not an easy task, and I dare you to do better, looking of course for "adult colors" namely red and blue for it's strong and beautiful contrast.

I did not find anything cheaper... But what I did find is diaper flannel over at one of my new favorite fabric haunts, for only about $2 or so a yard! YIPPIE! Now I'm thinking can I dye it? Sure enough I can... I'll just need extra dye, and more fixative. Sounds great hu? So that's my plan for the future anyway.

While shopping for flannels, I started poking around for purples for Jessica's quilt. I found about 7 fabrics that would put her quilt top around $35, but I still think it would be cheaper and more fun to go to Joann's and pick around in there for a while. Who knows maybe Jessica will offer some insight without knowing it.

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Heather said...

I'm so jealous that you've taught Rob to bake! What did you do to get him interested in that? My DH boils spaghetti noodles and pours sauce over them and calls it "cooking". LOL