February 21, 2009

Two Bowls with one Quick Zip

I love when things work out. I've been battling an ear infection this weekend, and didn't think I'd be up to figuring out something to make for dinner when I found Garbanzo Bean Soup tucked away in my freezer. A little bit of thawing and a nice healthy meal right at my finger tips. Jessica ate two entire bowls, granted her servings are small, but hooray! She loves everything but my mac and cheese, which isn't very good anyway.

Last night I made an emergency repair on Jessica's pj's, when they had been run through the Serger a small spot missed being sewn in. No I didn't make they they were a great Clearance deal at Gymboree. They are already covered in snowflakes, but because of all the embroidery I've been putting on my sister's jeans to repair them, Jessica thought her repair should also have embroidery on it. No great sakes I have an snowflake that stitches out in 2 minutes, it matched so well you can't tell it from the screen printing that was already on the pants. It made her happy and that's what counts.

Since the Hurricanes that hit Florida in 2004 my kitchen upper level cabinets haven't had doors on them. Rob made doors for the bottoms but never made it to the tops. It's on the list of things to do and take care of, but something else always seems to come first. For a while now I have had an embroiderable tea pattern set stitched out, with no real plans in mind. Well I have decided I will make curtains with them. Nice and homey, someday we'll get around to making the glass ones I'd like but for now it will be nice. Look for those in future posts.