February 15, 2009

Orange Juice!

This time of year is one of the best times to live in Florida. All Citrus Trees more than 4' tall are producing marvelous fruit. My neighbor's tree is easily 20' high and they have been sharing with us. Their tree makes oranges that are great for juicing, and with the two bags I'd been given I was in fresh squeezed heaven this morning.

This afternoon I dug out everything I have for 2008's Block Challenge. I know it's hard to believe that stuff is still kicking around, but the mailing deadline was pushed back till the middle of March. After going through it I decided to redo my labels on the embroidery machine, a bit of something nice to go along with each block. So far the first five are soaking in the sink to get the last of the aquafilm stabilizer off. I had read on the Martha Pullen website that a wash away stabilizer on the top can really help keep things still and pucker free. Since my base material is muslin I thought I'd try it out. Muslin always seems to want to pull out of my hoop. While it seemed to work, I'm not entirely certain it's worth the extra cost and effort. I will use it on a few more projects before saying for certain.

Have you been watching TMC as in Turner Classic Movies? They are currently running something called 31 Days of Oscar and let me tell you, it is a great lineup - uncut and commercial free. All of the best classics. Last night was "Love Is a Many Splendored Thing" followed by an old favorite of mine "The King and I", afterwards was "South Pacific", I fell asleep before that last one came on, but DH came home from his night shift and finding it on admits to sitting down to watch the ending.


Heather said...

In lower Plaquemines Parish where I'm originally from, oranges were big business! I really miss being able to make fresh squeezed orange juice cheaply! LOL

Shelly said...

MMM mmm Fresh OJ!!!