February 17, 2009


Oh My oh My! For dinner tonight we had Corned Beef, Boiled Cabbage, and wild rice. A a teen I would have never dreamed of wanting. Yet I have made it for years and I just love it. It's so simple and goes in the crock pot without a speck of trouble or bother. YUM!

While I served up seconds for DD "So this is love" from Cinderella played. That is such a beautiful song. A perfect example of classics standing the test of time.

Today I found that I can buy a mug embroidery blank from allstitch for only $1.50, I'll be adding at least two to my next thread order. They have a snowflake ornament blank for about the same price. I might need one of those as well.

The Row Robin Ladies are doing wonderfully, each row adds a facet to the first making it even prettier than before.

A couple of nights ago I taught myself how to purl when knitting. I've been trying to pick it up for a while, but DH got the swing of it first. I think it will add just the right touch to the scarf I'm working on. Though it would help me make progress if I moved it off the kitchen table!

Speaking of the kitchen table I completed 10 of the embroidered labels for the 2008 that means just two more to make. They look so nice stitched on the corners. Since I will have all that extra space leftover in my hoop I'm planning on making a little pot mitt with all the information on it, for the group's Hostess. I hope she likes it. I'm planning on using two layers of heat resistant batting. I hope it will be enough, of course if it still feels thin I throw a layer of flannel in there as well. I don't think it's worth using the water soluble stabilizer on the top of muslin. With a more expensive delicate object it would be worth the extra steps, but there was no noticeable difference in the muslin stabilized with two layers of 50 gsm stabilizer, and the muslin stabilized with 2 layers of 50 gsm + the water solvent stabilizer on top.


Pamela/MsSage said...

Yeah us row ladies are doing great LOL I am going to be late in getting my (2) two rows out. Yeah I said 2 Barb sent me hers and collettes at the same time :O Going to work on it Monday. OHHHH LOVED the story about sunny I tried NOT to cry but didnt work. Give him a hug from me.

Elizabeth A. said...

Yippie I'm glad to hear everything arrived safe and sound.