February 02, 2009

Snap...Click, does it look better in a photo?

That was the question I asked myself as I took a photo of this quilt. I have been hard at work over the past 24 hours working on the Carpenter's Wheel I told you about in my last post. This is a purple Quilt for Charity. My darling daughter just loves purple. When she saw part of it earlier she said "Who are you making that quilt for?". I explained it was for a child who doesn't have one. To which she said "okay, purple is my favorite color" and walked away. Later when it was unfurled for the photo, she did something similar and commented again that her favorite color is purple. Well ladies and gentlemen this quilt will just about wipe out my entire stash of purple fabric, so of course I will have to buy more. Yardage this time, not just fat quarters, and I plan to pick out something nice, so that dd of my can have a purple quilt perhaps for her birthday. There's plenty of time to plan for it. Perhaps even work on it under the cover of her sleeping so she wont know.

The apple quilt has slid firmly into a father's day gift. No matter, I already knew what I was doing for Valentine's before the apple quilt inspiration. I've had food poisoning over the past weekend, so in spite of what it looks like with the purple Charity Quilt, I haven't really felt up to working on something as big as the apple quilt.

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Heather said...

That quilt is wonderful! I can't imagine the time that it's taking. How awesome that you are doing it for charity! I hope you are able to make Miss Jessica a purple quilt too. =0)