February 03, 2009

Your morning Cuppa Joe

I recieved a blog award! Thanks Heather.

So this morning, I'm popping in for a moment before I race off to do a bit of seam ripping. I couldn't stop thinking about the Apple quilt last night, so it seems that it's back on the front burner again. Silly quilt I wish it would make up it's mind to simmer or boil!

Jessica has been asking me for about a week at odd interverals "What time is it?" I tell her and she says "okay" or something simliar and goes on with her day. She's asking a couple of times a day now. If she knew more of her numbers I'd be happy to show/teach her, but I don't think she's quite ready.

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Heather said...

Alexis used to do that all the time. It made me crazy! LOL I asked her... what do you have a Dr's appointment or something!? LOL Now she knows what time it is and randomly announces it throughout the day. My little taskmaster. LOL