June 29, 2011

No pictures today, just a short post it.  Friday my new Janome 1600P is arriving!  Yippie!  True mine isn't that exact current model, but everything worked out with a friend of a friend.  Now my quilting frame will no longer be lonely - and I need to invest in some UV blocking film for my living room.  Can you recommend any?

Today I cut all the fabrics for my Children of the Sea quilt back so hopefully that one wont have me scratching my head the way Tropical Waves back is. No worries there I think I stumbled onto the answer earlier today when I was stacking the backing fabric.


stitchinpenny said...

So glad your machine is coming and that you have plans for the next quilt backing and maybe for the last one.

QuiltSue said...

Only one more sleep. Woohoo.