June 30, 2011

Children of the Sea Back Completed

Children of the Sea Back
Today I finished the back for Children of the Sea.  On the front side you have the Ocean and some of it's wonderful inhabitants, and then the back side is tropical floral, it is in some ways brighter than the front, and I like that. There is certainly a vibrancy to the backing don't you agree?  The back picks up all the blues, purples, pinks, and teals without repeating them and adds something more, okay a whole lot more.  I added one of the pictures of the front that you've seen before just in case you wanted a reminder.  This quilt certainly gets points for being one of my more difficult to photograph!

Children of the Sea Front

DD's Lunch
On a different note below is a picture of DD's lunch. I know wheat bread would have made the meal a better one but DH has been doing much of our grocery shopping lately, and still it's none to shabby for a nearly 6 year old.  She selected everything about it herself.  I am very blessed that she isn't a picky child.  Now would you believe she didn't want salad dressing?  Nope she likes a dash of balsamic vinegar - if you can believe that.  Granted she wasn't thrilled with the small portion where the vinegar ran to the corner of the bread.  This happened because she ate her salad first, I know what a shock!  And for the record I don't blame her one bit about the vinegar on her sandwich, she let it go after I tore that bit of bread off and set it aside.

Looking at the picture brings up a question.  How do you like your sandwiches?  Whole, cut in half up the middle to make two rectangles or two triangles, or quartered?  I never cut my own sandwich anymore but I will cut a cheeseburger into quarters; as it seems to result in less of my toppings slipping off that way.  DD always wants squares, personally growing up I always wanted triangles.  Triangles were special cut by someone who put thought into cutting the sandwich and perhaps even asked how I wanted it cut.  Squares were the default.  Granted I started making my own by the time I was going into 1st grade...  


Heather Landry said...

We don't cut our sandwiches at all here. We eat them whole. LOL My kids love salad too but they insist on eating dressing on theirs. I think your finished quilt is beautiful! Definitely worth all of the work!

QuiltSue said...

DGS1 doesn't like sweet things and will always opt for cheese rather than pudding after a main course. DGS2 doesn't like bread or potatoes. DGS3 loves all food but specially tomatoes and cucumber. Where did I go wrong? Where's the sweet tooth gene gone????

Vicki said...

Love what you have done for the quilt back, so nice and tropical, the land version of where the children of the sea live in the winter time.

As for sandwiches it depends on the mood and if I'm in a hurry. In a hurry no cutting, but if I've got time usually I like the triangles.

DD has good taste when it comes to salads, why ruin them with tons of dressing.

stitchinpenny said...

I want the other back you started to be come a quilt.

Sandwiches should be cut once diagonally in my world, once top to bottom in my husband's world - not side to side. I have always found that for the sloppiest sandwiches - like BLTs I can control all the stuff in the middle better if I cut it once diagonally.