June 08, 2011

Children of the Sea Settles on a Size

Thank you for your border suggestions!  Penny suggested embroidered dolphins for the centers of the circles and Sue suggested quilting dolphins into the centers.  I love both of those ideas.  Not sure which one I'll go with; at this point I'm still thinking about it.  I honestly hadn't dreamed up either idea and will be torn to pick one over the other.  Perhaps I might even consider every other circle embroidered, and then a quilted one between?  It's a thought.

Here's what I have added over the past two days:  a purple batik that picks up a bit of pink from the inner border.  I have also taken the dolphin suggestions to heart and in anticipation I have added this dolphin batik.

Now the blue and purple floral fabric that you see in the bottom of the image is the backing.  I know how strange it is for me that I've already picked my backing fabric so soon.  I actually picked it as soon as I brought the panel into the sewing room.  It was as though they were destined to be together.  I'm planning on using that darker blue from the bias tape to make my binding.  At this point the quilt is 52 x 72 and I've decided it is destined to be twin bed size quilt.  That means just one or two more borders.  I considered the pink again for another small border but I'm not sure.  I almost want to use a lightener blue in maybe a pieced border?  You can tell how certain I am.  No worries though, this quilt has been quite the talker and I'm certain I will hear the answer in the next few days.

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