June 03, 2011

Children of The Sea How about This?

What do you think?  Na I wouldn't want a quilt full of pins either.  That's why I finished up the first go round of bias on this border.  A second bias will be added in the dark blue of the Killer Whales, not sure how I will move that one over the quilt.  Any suggestions?  A simple mirror around perhaps?

Making the bias reminded me why I hate my bias tape maker and everything that goes along with it.  One of the little dresses I made for DD's Kailey doll used the shortest piece of bias ever, a mere 9" or so, didn't even need to use a "maker" for it, this on the other hand was much less fun.  I figured I needed 120" and made about 130", my scrap piece is right around 15" so I couldn't have cut it much closer.

DD helped me hold the quilt, so let's take a look at our happy model.  Not bad for an afternoon of sewing.  I was concerned that I didn't have any thread to match so I went with white bobbin thread and it blended in just right.

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Vicki said...

I had no idea what you were planning for this large border but I really like what you have done with the bias tape. It will be interesting to see the dark blue one added. I think you will have to play with it to see what will work best. One thing to try is off setting it from the current one so it looks like a shadow, not sure how that would look.