April 26, 2010

Textile Medium Update - Review Part 1

Not one to sacrifice a project to a product I know nothing about, I tried my Fabric Medium by Americana before subjecting DH's art work to it.  The results where not at all what I'd hoped.
After three days of drying a heat set and one hand washing.
I scanned the image so that you could really see the color change between the painted and the unpainted areas.  From this scan alone I would be thrilled with the results.  But what you don't see is that the side painted with Textile Medium feels like vinyl there is no better way to explain it.  Also look along the edge of the black on the left had side.  See how the fabric was changed simply by having the paint on it? 

Another troublesome issue that you can't see but I can is that the colors have all taken on a yellowish hue.  The medium appears white in the bottle, so I am uncertain if this problem is that the colored pencils ran a bit as the medium was applied or just what.
Original, attempts made to use different pressures and angles to see overall results.  All colors are Prismacolor.
The original post said to apply lightly which I found completely impossible with the Americana brand.  Firstly it pooled on the surface and then soaked in drenching all areas it touched.  I am hoping by diluting the Fabric Medium it will reduce all of my issues.  As each step takes a while, it will be around a week before you'll be able to see a follow up on my dilution samples.
Right after painting with Medium.
Color tinged mess left behind under the fabric, all attempts to apply thinly failed with this product.
As far as clean up, this product cleans up in hot water and a bit of soap and for my table a bit of elbow grease so at least that was okay.  I wouldn't leave it though as that first washing of the sample did not change the feel of the painted sample at all.

This was an update to my Textile Medium Gives New Life to Old WIP post click the link to read.  To see any images bigger simply click on them.  Some will even allow you to zoom on the resulting image after that simply by clicking it again when the magnifing glass appears with a plus sign.


Vicki said...

It's unfortunate that the product did not live up to expectations, but you were very wise to test it out on a test swatch before commiting to your good pieces. I wonder if the other brand name product would behave the same way or not?

Heather Landry said...

I'm so very glad you tested it before you used it on Rob's images. Yikes!