April 15, 2010

Cats Together and my 4 year old with a SNAKE?

Do your pets cozy up to each other?  Mine don't.  I've been trying to take a photo of Sunny and Tiny together for MONTHS for the Cat blocks I still have from that block challenge.  It's my intention to capture the photograph and then have it custom printed on fabric to be the centerpoint of that quilt. 
So today the first oppertunity presented itself.  Here's what I get.  My first thought is that I could use the Magic Wand in Photoshop to loop the two cats and slide them together, but that sort of looses something and misses the point.  I do have photos of them together, Tiny was a wee kitten then, and one year old Sunny adored on her. 
Yesterday afternoon the Spring was in the air.  Okay not really.  What really happened is that my knee was bothering me and I've found soaking up a bit of sunshine somehow really helps ease the ache, so Jessica and I went outside.  As I was out there anyway I went ahead and did a bit of transplanting.  Right away I found a little snake under one of my potted plants.  Rob of course comes right up and picks it up.  The surprising part was that Jessica held the snake too.  In fact I spent over an hour trying to tell her to let it go, but nope, she kept holding it.  Poor little thing must have slithered as far as it could away from our property in hopes of never being caught again!


stitchinpenny said...

I am terrified of snakes so your post ahs me shaky. I didn't [ass my fear onto my kids so that to is good.

QuiltSue said...

eeeekkk, snakes. I hate them.

heather said...

My dog and one cat nuzzle in the mornings. It is a total lovefest. My other cat has to avert her eyes because she finds it immoral.