April 03, 2010

Newly Made Peach Blouse

Thursday I got out of bed and decided to make a V-Neck shirt.  So off I went to my fabric, and I found leftovers that I had been given back in February that were plenty to make the blouse I had in my mind's-eye.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I didn't use a pattern, instead making it completely from what I saw in my head.  Interestingly enough this works out fairly well for me and each time I have made something this way I have come up with a completely well fitting wearable item, even if it was a bit different than I'd thought it would be at first.

Even when you make up a pattern, you still have to use math, things like how long should something be or how many inches must a neck hole be; if you make something like that to small you'll need to budget in a zipper, buttons, or some other closer, or else how ever will it fit over your head?
This time my biggest bump was that I knew I wanted the neck line to be 9" in the back, but I'd done so much other math trying to think of other ways to achieve the look I was going for I forgot to divide that 9" in half (as the material for the back of the blouse was folded in half!)  So instead of 9" I ended up with 18"!  But a bit more thinking and I added these wide straps to go over my shoulders and hide any bra straps.  
Since I didn't have to redo the neckline I had plenty of length just like I wanted.  I was inspired by the bottom of the hem of the blue shirt Keira Knightley wore in Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End when she goes with Barbosa to talk to Sao Feng.  There's no missing that shirt it's in the first part of the movie, unless of course you're a man and you spent the entire scene watching her legs. 

If you're like anyone at my house, you're been wondering when Disney might gift us with another Pirates of the Caribbean aka Pirates of the Caribbean 4.  Well the good news is that the Disney Movie Making Fairy has been busy and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is slated for release 2011! 


QuiltSue said...

You're very clever - I wouldn't know how/where to start.

Heather Landry said...

Completely awesome Liz! I agree with the poster above me that I wouldn't even know where to begin. LOL