April 20, 2010

A Day of Rest ~ Indigo Style ~

Just the other day I saw a painted Bunting. It swooped down low to the feeder early in the morning, and then spying a cat soared back up into the sky, it was only here for a second and gone so fast my fingers were still reaching for my book to confirm.
That reminded me of a year or two ago that an Indigo Bunting stopped by for a Migratory visit before heading off into the stars. Yes I said stars. Indigo Buntings navigate by the stars! Who knew, certainly not me.
 So today about 9:45am when that beautiful bird alighted my bird feeder I was in awe. I had the camera out of the bag a quick as I could manage (I am getting faster) and started snapping. That tired hungry little boy ate for about 20 minutes before stopping to sun himself. He paid no heed to the other birds, and went back and fourth from the bath to the feeder for about 45 minutes! I even snuck out the other door when it was time to pick up dd from school so as not to disturb him.   
As it turns out he wasn't here when we arrived home, but before she had finished her lunch he had taken up his perch at the feeder again. He's here on and off, mostly seemed to sleep, both in the sunny areas and in the shade. No wonder he's sleeping, as I mentioned they migrate at night. I learned that at this wonderful site.
Before I learned of his nocturnal habits I learned that this little boy is beyond his second year, as told by the blue gracing all the way down his wings to their very tips.  Perhaps even this little gentleman has visited us before.  My information on age determination comes from the Migration Research Foundation.
So determined to hang out here that when this family of House Sparrows came up screaming and begging, he went right on with what he was doing. As the males migrate ahead of the females any of his own screaming brood will follow him in a week or two. As both the females and juveniles are plain it’s possible I wont even notice them.
 This is the female house sparrow feeding her two little ones.

Even when I banged around the kitchen a bit, this little Indigo Bunting paid no attention to me. What a wonderful visitor. Because truly a visitor is all he is. We live in his North bound migration path, so a day like today is truly special.
This one is my favorite picture from today.
Lady Bird Update:  Yesterday Lady Bird visited alone, as well as many made by male Cardinals, perhaps someone has eggs?


MaksiTaksi said...

Please show us more birds. There are so tniy and perfect made. And all those different colors are so nice to see. You do a great job taking pictures of these little birds. When I want to take a picture they are already gone when I start looking at my camera!

Take care

Heather Landry said...

That bird is just gorgeous! You are getting SO very many awesome photos.