April 06, 2010

An Excuse to Sew

Do you need an excuse to sew?  Do you need a reason to go over to the sewing machine kick back and do a little enjoyable sewing?  Sometimes I do.  I'm never certain why. 

My house is a dusty one, always making more dust, not to mention the two cats that live here, although by far might be those two young ladies that wander around with long blonde hair.  Either way I knew from the moment the keyboard appeared in our home that it needed a cover.  Now I'm not one to go out and pay $20 for one of those stretchy covers, especially as when I make something it nearly always ends up with POCKETS!  What a wonder, joy of joy invention, pockets! 
So I sketched a little sketch, cut a little, and sewed, within about an hour or two, (I'm never quite certain how long it takes I enjoy sitting there so much) out came this! Odd that the color matches that of the couch so well... I currently have 9 pockets on it, and the end ones are perfect for all the wires and extras that a keyboard has, I left all but two of the song book pockets bigger because they always seem to run extra large. The smaller songbook pockets hold the manual and other 8 1/2" X 11 books wonderfully.

The numbers you're seeing on the left corner of the cover are notes I made a couple of months ago about the amount of yardage I had of that cut of fabric, I always use wash away pencils, so those will rise away the first time I wash it.

DD agreed to allow me to cover it for the picture only under the pretext that we take the cover off as soon as the picture was taken. That’s okay as I used the opportunity to explain that the keyboard has to be covered each and every night.


stitchinpenny said...

Music is such an important teaching tool for children. It is said to enhance math skills and also help with coordination even though I have no idea why the latter would be true. Your keyboard cover is fantastic and may keep the dust out if you are more disciplined than I.

Vicki said...

That was quick work of the keyboard cover, way to go Elizabeth. I also think that the one you made will be much more durable than the ones you buy pre-made. Those always seem to rip apart at the seams in no time.