April 16, 2010

Textile Medium Gives life to Old WIP

It all started two years ago when my husband took all of my white fabric and drew Disney characters on it.  More than once I ran out of white fabric because he would make off with it.  I'd intended to make a baby quilt using the drawings, but I set the project out of my mind when our color swatch sample started fading after repeated washings.
Two days ago I read Testing Shadows over at 365 days of free motion quilting, in that post she mentions Textile Medium being used to set colored pencil marks into fabric.  SERIOUSLY!?!?!   What is that and where can I get some?!?!  So then in comes an email from Lynn over at Nebraska Views who tells me about Sandra and the two posts she created:  A New Discovery and Colored Pencil Applique Tutorial in the later I learn all about Textile Medium and where to look for it.  AWESOME!  Aren't our fellow bloggers great!
This morning while running errands I was right next to Michael's.  I thought I've give them a shot after all worst case they don't have it and I buy it for $6 post shipping on ebay.  Sure enough they have it.  Granted it's not the brand Sandra talked about, but I think it will be just fine. 
Do you have a project that you put away like that?  It took me two years to find the $2.46 answer, but I did, and I'm certain the answer will come to you too.  Perhaps it's time to go through that old box and refresh your mind; perhaps you already know the answer. Pst! It's okay if the answer is to give it to a friend to finish.


Vicki said...

WOW Rob did a great job with his Disney drawings. I hope you are able to preseve the colours and then you can finally make that quilt.

Heather Landry said...

Rob's drawings are awesome! I'm so glad you've found a solution!

Lynn said...

How is the textile medium working for you? I got some at Michael's in Paducah last week so want to give it a try too.