October 10, 2009

What Would You do, without a Router?

Yesterday I must have been having to much fun because our router burned up.  Something about the ac/dc converter box.  Pain in the rear is what I'd call it.  It was working and then all of the sudden with no warning zip gone. 

While my DH is still in the process of installing the new one I'm back and raring to go.  While I was away from the Internet I FINALLY pieced together the blocks for the Spring Sampler.  It looks differently than I intended but that's okay as it contains only stash busting fabrics.  It's a twin quilt measuring in at 90" x 55"  I'll be pulling out the quilt I made for my daughter to measure before I decide if I'll be adding a border or not.

As always you can click on the photos to see them better.


Shelly said...

Look at all those colors! I just love the yellow pinwheel. Reminds me so much of the Florida sun!!

Carol said...

We are having router issues a swell.

Heather Landry said...

It's such a bright, beautiful, quilt! I'm sorry your router wouldn't behave.