October 23, 2009

Stormy's Beginnings

I have a new knitting project. Which I'm calling Stormy. No it's nothing inspirational just the name of the wonderful yarn that I'm using. This thick yarn has sucked in all of my knit stitches so both the front and the back look like rows and rows of pearl stitches. I think it's rather pretty, what do you think? This scarf will be headed off to Shelly, so I'll be updating here as I work on it for all to see.

The Back for the Apple Quilt is done. I'm so glad. It was touch and go with this one for a while. It's a bit more "folk art" than I usually like. The entire Apple Quilt was a self challenge for me to put colors together that I wouldn't have selected to work with under other circumstances. This quilt started out life as a Jelly Roll. My first one in fact. To have come so far on just one Jelly Roll must be some sort of testament.

Shelly has generously offered to quilt this one on her Lizzie, so I left plenty of extra fabric all around.  I've never had anything longarmed before, so I'm a little nervous!  Here's hoping she wont curse me to much while this one is with her!

Does anyone have any thoughts why all my photos today have lines running through them?  I even used different settings.  Maybe the batteries are getting low?

1 comment:

Shelly said...

I likey!! I likey!!! Oh I can't wait to get my new hand knitted scarf!!!!!!
The backing looks good. I think it will do just fine!