October 06, 2009

Stadium Seat Cushions with Matching Tote

Ever feel like time slows down a bit for you to enjoy it and then everything has to speed back up again because you took it easy for a while?  Today I had a wonderful chat for nearly the entire morning with my neighbor.

Meanwhile my husband had left the fabric purchased I'd requested by my sewing machine. That meant washing and then sewing. Rob and I both wanted the cushions done so we could deliver them to Jessica's classroom tomorrow morning. The time line forced us to work quickly and to be quite honest it made a job I would have otherwise relished quite tedious. But long story short it's all done.

I will provide directions upon request. Don't like to sew? I'm willing to make them for you. The nice thing about these (other than the memory foam) is that the covers are removable for washing which means if you're a big sports fan you could have multiple covers and totes and just switch out the teams depending on where you were headed. I'm hoping it will bring in more donations, to make our raffle harder to resist.

Jessica and I had a visitor last night. This "big ole' spider" scurried across the floor while I was reading. UGH! We kept calling it "she" most likely a subconscious Charlotte's web thing. She's in the bottom of a pickle jar here, yes, you understand now, BIG spider. Rob discovered it's a variety of Wolf Spider (sorry I wasn't in the mood for looking at spiders last night) and then set her free away from the house.   


stitchinpenny said...

the sradium cushions look great. Be careful about selling things made with NFL licensed fabrics - they can come get you for copyright violations if I understand the blurb I read, which I can't find now. I dooubt they would bother, but who knows.

Elizabeth said...

These are a donation and if I were to make another set I'd have the person wanting them buy the fabric they wanted and pay me for the sewing.

Me aka Supermom said...

I spent 15 years living in the south, and I definitely do NOT miss the creepy crawlers!
BTW, thanks for the mention of my LA quilting