October 19, 2009

Fish or Food?

Here are the Almond Clusters. When I was photographing them they reminded me of koi. You know the really big goldfish? There is a restaurant in Orlando called Ming Court and they have huge Koi that will come completely out of the water to have a bite of the fish food that tourists can buy for change. I'm not sure if these will find their way off to the bake sale, as they might just have to say home with me.

Friday I sewed up this cute flannel top.  I'm planning matching pants with pockets on the back using the same cat fabric from the front.  I'd also like to have the cuffs in the same cat fabric, but as I only have scraps of the cat print I'm not certain I'll have enough.

1 comment:

Heather Landry said...

They do look like Koi. That's completely weird!!! The little top is adorable! You are just so crafty.