October 03, 2009

Feathered Star Flimsy Done

I added the last border around the Feathered Star Quilt yesterday.  I'm not pleased with the way the photos of this quilt are turning out.  It's a pretty quilt I promise!

My daughter's class is collecting Buccaneers Tailgating items for a raffle they are going to have at the end of the month. After two weeks of collecting they have a brand new charcoal grill complete with charcoal and a BBQ Grill Set as well as other items that I can't attest to because I looked at the piles instead of checking the list.

My family is donating 2 Buccaneer's Seat Cushions and a matching bag.  I'm making them with Tempurpedic foam so I have high hopes that they'll be great.  Joann's has a sale starting tomorrow on their NFL fleece.  Be sure to check back as I post my progress on these.  I think they'll be wonderful.

I suppose I should have started with this.  When our ceiling fan started making noises two days ago my husband promised he would take a look at it today.  This is him cleaning off the fan before taking everything apart.  Why in the world am I mentioning it?  Well my husband found that the negative wire had rubbed clean through the insulation.  I'm just glad we agreed to keep the fan off until he could look at it today.


Vicki said...

Your feather star flimsy looks great. You can tell that a lot of love and work went into it.

Heather Landry said...

Your quilt looks amazing! I'm so glad that you kept the ceiling fan off. That is so not safe! Will he be able to fix it? I'm sure your donations will be wonderful!