October 26, 2009

Holiday Greetings from your Local Toilet?

When I was little my Grandmother had a cornucopia on the back of her toilet. Every Thanksgiving she would fill it with Thanksgiving type things, I recall leaves and squash but I'm certain there was more and the rest of the time it had little guest towels in it. Well Grandma must have been sitting on my shoulder today, as I began to wish for one of my own, a table runner of sorts to spread over my table this Thanksgiving. I had a pattern from my "Quilt for All Seasons" book, but oddly I didn't have any orange fabric. Orange was my Grandmother's favorite color, or so she told me (perhaps to get me to use the orange crayon) so I'm rather partial orange fabric when I'm feeling sentimental.

So no Orange Fabric?!?!  What is a girl to do?  I've been meaning to use crayons in a child themed quilt but hadn't gotten around to it, so this was the perfect time to try.  I used the applique pattern pieces and traced them through onto unbleached muslin, but the color detailing and layout is all me.  Must have been all those college art classes I took.

Before I could bring myself to iron my work, I colored up a sample, which I'm certain to use in something.  Isn't it great when things set just how you wish they would?

I think it's time for a Stormy Update as well. This is by far this is the closest color match to what Stormy really looks like. It was taken AFTER the sun had set - with me back to my yellow living room light. That's certainly not what I read up on how to take a photo. Go figure.

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Heather Landry said...

The colors in that scarf are lovely! Too cool that you got to color and draw. I bet you felt like a kid again!