October 11, 2009

Magic Seeds Grow a Magic Cactus

Earlier this afternoon my daughter said something that I just had to share.  She told me that if we had magic beans we could grow a magic cactus that would reach all the way up into the clouds and then we climb it all the way up to heaven.

The top photo is what our cactus looks like now.  Not really Magic, but it does grow pretty fast.  This second photo is of the "trunk".  The entire plant could have fit into this photograph when we first bought our house.

While Jessica's creative mind is a bit different than what is traditional, there are times I very much wish I could climb a cactus if only for a visit.  Our cactus is pretty much thorn free with the tiny "2mm" thorns mostly only found on the new growth, but I still wouldn't let Jessica touch it for the photo.


Stephanie (A Ditchin' Time Quilts) said...

Elizabeth, your daugther Jessica is adorable! That cactus IS huge! I visited my Dad in Punta Gorda in June and enjoyed the cacti and palms. I was surprised at the varieties of them. I remember how creative my kids were when they were little. This is something I would scrapbooked about with photos because it is something so sweet that she would enjoy as she gets older! Thanks for sharing this lovely story. Stephanie

MARIKA said...

Elizabeth !magnificent little girl Jessika

Heather Landry said...

That cactus is HUGE! Jessica is so super creative. I really loved the photos. Thanks for sharing!